Attorney & Advocate


Identify the ISSUE and brainstorm OPTIONS to resolve the issue.

STRATEGIZE and create a customized PLAN of action to best suit your individual needs and budget.

EXECUTE the plan from start to finish.

Focus on RECOVERY and REBUILDING to an even better position than before.

Our firm has spent considerable time watching and evaluating the traditional adversarial process of the law. This binary win/lose system often fails to provide what we believe to be imperative to the legal process, a true sense of psychological satisfaction that the end result achieved was in fact fair and just.

It is our philosophy that humans certainly are not binary and thus the legal process should likewise not be binary, but should be fluid, allowing for a human experience that optimizes our clients well-being and minimizes unnecessary hostility in the process.

Pulling from our knowledge of therapeutic jurisprudence, restorative justice, holistic justice, collaborative law, and preventative law, we deploy all resources in our quest to achieve maximum results, while simultaneously preserving the integrity of our clients.

In the end, our goal is to make our clients satisfied, happy, and whole again.